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Divine Inspiration

October, 2017 by Pastor Jason Jackson

Here at FHC we seek to live lives literally inspired by the word and Spirit of God. We truly believe in fulfilling and obeying all that is in the heart, mind and mouth of God when He said that "My house shall be a house of prayer for all nations which Christ fulfilled and confirmed to us in the New Testament speaking by Isaiah the prophet 56:7. What the world needs now is the agape love of God ministered by His Spirit working in the saints with tears and prayers. Til as many people as possible are made free by the loving gospel of His Son preached as witness in all the earth til he returns.

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Times and Seasons

September, 2017 by Pastor Amy Gonzalez

To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven

-Ecclesiastes 3:1 KJV

As we head into the fall season we see changes happening before our eyes. Tree’s leaves are beginning to change to a beautiful red, yellow, and orange color. Starbucks is featuring their fall line of Pumpkins Spice Lattes and Salted Carmel Mochas. And if you’ve been watching the news it’s hurricane season.

Many hearts are feeling the losses in Texas, the Virgin Islands, and Puerto Rico as two hurricanes have devastated the Gulf Coast and the Atlantic, respectively. But, many are questioning if these storms could be God’s judgement, or is this demonic. Some are even attributing them to the fault of President Trump. Maybe, just maybe, it is just hurricane season. People that live in hurricane prone areas know that preparation for each season is necessary. When it is winter, we in the north prepare by winterizing our homes. So instead of fussing, join together and lay aside any differences to lend a helping hand to those in need.

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Prayers and Intercession

June, 2017 by Pastor Jason Jackson

Here at Freedom House Church we are progressing with Christ Jesus and by the power of the Holy Spirit towards a life of greater devotion in prayers and intercession, which is the first order to Timothy in the letter written to him 1 Timothy 2:1-4. As it is presently, the very ministry of Jesus Christ our Lord Himself is to intercede for His saints. He accomplishes this with the Holy Spirit through His saints for He knows what the mind of the Spirit is, therefore He can effectively make intercession for the saints according to the will of God. Now through prayers by the Spirit we will see the increase of miracles, signs, and the many wonders of His word that God so desires for His people and the world. We seek to enter into the times of refreshing from the Presence of the Lord where healing, restoration of families, deliverance from oppression and His freedom from the bondage of all addictions is known and ministered. Yes what we have seen and heard we speak, that prayer without a doubt is the absolute work of the supernatural Hand of God in our lives.